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My sister and I grew up drinking  Sea Moss, our parents and grandparents uses it and their parents before them. Sea Moss is a part of our culture in the Caribbean, it is considered a "Special" drink, the men oftentimes use it as an Aphrodisiac.


After I migrated to the United States, I introduced my friends to Sea Moss and they loved it.

My family in Jamaica would ship the moss to America for me and I would share it with my friends. My sister (Who lives in Jamaica) gets the moss from local fishermen who goes deep sea diving for the moss. They do this for a living. 

Our friends on Facebook and YouTube wanted to purchase the moss and through some hard work and dedication we were able to get the Moss to our many virtual friends and families. 

All of our Moss is harvested and shipped directly from Jamaica. We do not bleach our Moss, we do not add salt to our Moss. Sea moss has many different colors, therefore, the color of your Moss will vary. 


Your Sea Moss should be kept in a cool dry place. The natural sea salt on your Moss is a natural preservative and your moss will not go bad. Never store dry Moss in the fridge, the moisture from the fridge will cause it to go bad. 

If stored properly, your Moss will last well over a year.

We hope you enjoy Sea Moss as much as we do, we look forward to hearing from you! 

Kisses from both of us

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